T&I News 21 2020...

T&I News 21 2020…

For the first time in some months we have a post that doesn’t feature buses!

The visit of Glyder’s owner, alongside the arrival back at work of one of my colleagues, has enabled the preparation of documentation to enable non-passenger shunting operations to take place once again. This has included a risk assessment, a commentary for our Safety Management System and a refresher of competence for Matt and I in order to authorise us for carrying out these duties.

Our primary aim is to shunt the various railways, which were mothballed in March, in readiness for the winter. For example placing Glyder into a different shed in readiness for preparation for its annual boiler examination. Similar work will be required at Rowley Station and at the Waggonway. As the weather cooling, it is important that all of the pressure systems are drained of water and prepared for their winter slumber.

Here are some photos of Glyder pottering around the narrow gauge railway, enabling us to relocate some of the rolling stock and place Glyder into a shed in readiness for its annual inspections. The locomotive’s owner was also able to enjoy some time with his engine.

Above: The weed growth over the year has obviously gone unchecked – making for some very industrial scenes on the railways! Here Glyder picks its way up the hill into the top yard.
Above: I always wanted this stretch of the line to blend in – and it certainly is now!
Above: Standing alongside the water tower, it is a reminder of jobs to look forward to in 2021. We have the water tank for this tower, and the water supply has been installed to within a few feed of the outlet. So we can progress this work at little cost next year. It is a good spot for visitors to be able to observe the narrow gauge railway as long as the adjacent stone crushing area.

It’s nice to see some steam here again, albeit briefly!!!