Model Chaldron Waggons now available for purchase...

Model Chaldron Waggons now available for purchase…

In October 2021 we were delighted to reveal that one of the model railway manufacturers was producing a range of chaldron waggons in 4mm scale to run on 00 model railways.  Accurascale had used our surveys, drawings and surviving chaldron waggons to include the Londonderry chaldron within a range of models that would include other north east chaldron designs, as well as the NER P1 diagram waggons.

A parcel arrived this week containing two packs of waggons (they are sold in boxed sets of three), including NER P1 types and, appropriately, the Londonderry design.  Firstly, here is the post that included the announcement and background history to the waggons and project:

T&I News 31 2021…

Below: It seemed appropriate to take these models to the Colliery to pose them alongside the prototypes, starting with the three Londonderry models.

Below: The waggons are plastic bodied with die-cast chassis.  The variation between models is impressive – compare the spokes on the wheels of the waggon below (the repaired style) with the one in the middle in the photo above (which has the forged spokes and cast centre boss pattern of wheels).  The moulded bodies are superbly detailed, with variance between types accurately represented.  The printed lettering is also spot-on; always a distinctive feature of the Londonderry waggons.

Below: These are the NER P1 type – notice the further detail variations and different body mouldings used for these.

Below: This is a huge enlargement of one of the Londonderry waggons…  Note the accurate multi-link chain coupling (not a three-link), with magnetic ends to attract the opposing couplings automatically.

Below: Whilst this photo gives a better impression of how tiny these really impressive models really are!

If you are looking for more information on this range and where to purchase them, more information can be found on Accurascale’s website via the ‘Chaldron’ link below (note – we don’t have them in stock here at Beamish):