T&I News Week 25 2015...

T&I News Week 25 2015…

Its been a very busy week, and some items will be posted separately over the coming week (if I get a chance!), so here is a quick roundup of news and occurrences in the Transport & Industry team over the last seven days…

A day in the life…

Below: We start with Oporto 196, which on Friday managed to trip over its own lifetray (again), this time resulting in its destruction.  We will now look at replacing the Portugese trays with the same design as those fitted to 114 – which will hopefully be less prone to accidental deployment (wind/bouncing) and more resilient if they do.


Below: The tray, once freed, was revealed to have bent a track tie-bar, so Darren and Mark arrived on the scene to cut out the old one and refit a new one – accomplished within fifteen minutes.

IMG_5265 IMG_5266


Below: We are now in possession of most of Samson – the frames being seen here.


Below: The angle ring and backhead have been drilled, though the latter needs reducing slightly in diameter.


Below: The inner firebox and front tubeplate as received – these also being pre-drilled for the tubes.


Below: The inner firebox was then offered up to the backhead, seen here on the radial arm drill and with the firebox surround temporarily fitted in place.

IMG_5259 IMG_5257

Below: By the end of the week the full programme of drilling should be complete and the boiler will be ready for riveting.



Below: Running repairs – Tony is seen patching in new timber onto the platform of the B-Type bus.


Below: Meanwhile Alan is rebuilding the Model T Ford Ton Truck engine and gearbox following contract repairs to some of the components.  It is also hoped to repaint the truck and carry out a few other jobs while we have it in the workshops.


Festival of the Fifties…

Below: This weekend saw the now annual event ‘Festival of the Fifties’ – including attendance by David Littleboy’s Austin Car ride and other side shows.

IMG_5273 IMG_5277 IMG_5275

Below: Also outside (there being various displays, activities and performances inside the marquees) was a classic car line up and Rotherhm 220 making its first formal public appearance within Museum open hours – where it was much admired by all.  It awaits a few details to be finished before commissioning, which is likely to be one of the first jobs for the recently advertised Bus & Tram Technician role.