T&I News 11 2021 - Return of the buses...

T&I News 11 2021 – Return of the buses…

Monday 17th May marked the beginning of Step 3 in the Government roadmap for easing lockdown restrictions.  As part of this, we are now able to open buildings and re-start running passenger transport at the museum.  For many reasons (covered in previous posts) we are initially operating a 1950s bus service, with Rotherham 220 and Darlington 4 the centrepieces of this.  To mark the occasion, here are some photographs of the buses at work this week,

Below: Darlington 4 rests during a crew break.  WAV J2007 sits in the background, currently working on an on-call basis.

Below: The depot is once again open for viewing, with the SOS, D-Type, B-Type and Armstrong Car inside.  The B-Type is receiving attention to its black paintwork by our painter, in order to smarten it up ready for use later this year.

Below: 220 arrives at Foulbridge from the Town.  The vehicles operate from the Entrance to the edge of the Town (adjacent to the 1950s site) where they disembark and are cleaned.  They then draw forwards to the stop at Redman Park, for passengers to board.

Below: 220 arrives at the 1950s stop to set down passengers and then have handrails and other contact-surfaces disinfected. In the future, at this point it would have turned left into what we are called Foulbridge Lonnen (lane) where the 1950s bus stands will be positioned.

Below: Darlington 4 pulls away from the set-down stop, heading for Redman Park.  The aforementioned Foulbridge Lonnen will start to the right of the bus in this view, taking the 1950s vehicles on a route towards Foulbridge, avoiding the Edwardian High Street.  In the background the terrace end gable can be seen to the left, with the police houses roofline taking shape to the right.

Below: A close-up view of 4’s crest.

The buses are now in daily operation, with between one or two vehicles in use depending on the operating pattern.  Hopefully we will introduce Crosville 716 to the pool in the not too distant future.