Darlington Corporation Bus Shelter Part 4

Work on the Darlington Corporation bus shelter has been on hold whilst we await the availability of our painter and a reasonable stint of good weather to enable painting to commence (it being located outside due to its size).

A recent posting on a Facebook group devoted to Darlington history brought forward a number of views of our bus shelter, which are included below (with thanks to Stuart Robinson for making them available to use here).

Below: This view of the shelter has been seen before, and reveals some information regarding the glazing (which we followed).

Below: A new view (to us) showing the shelter and the uniform colour.  Other views have suggested it was later two-tone (a light and dark shade – cream and blue maybe?).

Below: This is the interesting one!  Note the cresting on the ridge line.  I’m now looking for something suitable to place onto our shelter as part of the restoration.  This view was therefore exceptionally useful and I’m glad it turned up before we’d painted and erected the shelter!

All three images courtesy of Stuart Robinson

On the subject of Darlington transport – our Darlington Corporation No.4  visited its hometown on Saturday, where it was displayed with the Ayliffe & District Bus Preservation Society’s N0. 7 (a 1964 Daimler CCG5 with Roe coachwork) – see https://www.aycliffebus.org.uk/vehicles/view/profile.php?choice=3

I look forward to the day these two can both call at the Cockerton bus shelter, once it is re-erected at Beamish…